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"Testimonials are compliments that someone gives to you for consulting, educating, and servicing them so well that they wanted to tell everyone about their experience!"

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From Clients


"We have been working with your firm since 1998 and it is long overdue that I take the time to commend you for the exceptional job you and your staff have done in meeting our organization's staffing needs. From the very start, a.e.s. took the time to learn about our organizational culture and diligently ascertained the nuances of each open job opportunity. These initial steps were crucial in successfully referring qualified candidates to us. Additionally, once a placement is made, you continue the process by assessing satisfaction with us and the candidate. The staff at a.e.s. stays on top of things by calling periodically to ensure that all is going well with both the manager and the employee and they are always willing to find a solution should there be a problem. It is always a pleasure to work with your staff!"
Robert D., Human Resources Manager
Construction Company in San Francisco
"I wanted to let you know how much my company and I have appreciated your professional work and diligence to find the right candidates for our company. I have utilized your services to find three employees for our company recently. The two that were temporary in 2004 are now permanent employees and both are doing extremely good work for the company. The one recent hire is working out very well also. At my previous company you provided me with highly qualified employees who worked out extremely well. Your commitment to me as the customer to fully understand what I was looking for in a temporary hire made the interview process go extremely efficiently and made the selection of the top choice a pleasurable experience. I fully intend to use a.e.s. for our employment services."
John O., Project Executive
Construction Company in Palo Alto
"I have always been able to rely on a.e.s. to send me exceptional applicants. a.e.s. has gone out of their way to find out exactly what we need from our employees. We hired over ten employees from a.e.s. in the past, and we are still very happy with our hires!"
Lydia K., Office Manager
Construction Company in San Francisco
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"I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the incredible service you have provided our firm. You and your team have always provided the best candidates for us. Your loyalty and your compassion to care for what your clients needs are, no matter how big or small, has proven way beyond that you are a company who truly goes out of their way to satisfy everyone who is involved. Our firm refers your company to others who need to find the perfect candidates to join their team. Again, thank you for everything that you and your staff has and still does for our firm. We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship for many more years to come."
Dawn S., Office Manager
Law Firm in San Francisco
"I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I appreciate your agency's services. We had the pleasure of hiring a temp through your firm last October, and were very pleased with both the professionalism of your staff as well as the work ethic of your temp. He was intelligent, punctual, well-trained and a breeze to supervise. I appreciate that your agency took the time to ask me the nature of our assignment and the qualities I would need in a temporary worker. Because this temp did such a good job, we requested that he return for a second stint in a similar assignment; again, he performed the task well and I was pleased that a.e.s. was able to send me the same temp. a.e.s. makes it a point to excel in customer service, as your staff calls me periodically and reminds me that a temp's help is only a phone call away, with no headache or hassle. Thank you for making my job easier."
Anna G., Office Manager
Law Firm in San Francisco
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"We have used a.e.s. on several occasions. I can't say enough about the excellent service we have received. The office is efficient and responsive to our needs, especially in handling our short lead time requests. The personnel they provide us with are professional and very skilled. Our only problem is that we hate to see them leave when the project is done. There hasn't been one of them that I wouldn't have loved to make a permanent employee."
Lynn P., HR Director
Manufacturer of Superior Mattresses
"I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Tamara. We are so thankful for the great match that a.e.s. found for us and look forward to a continued relationship! In a startup environment where recruiting is critical and time consuming, a.e.s. made the search for a terrific Office Manager quick and easy! Thank you!"
Angie J., HR Manager
Telecommunication Company in South San Francisco
"Dear a.e.s.,
I guess it is human nature to complain, but I decided it is equally important to let a vendor who exceed expectations know that as well.  I've been counting on a.e.s. to support my business for about three years.
In that time you have helped me with critical placements and done a great job.  One of the most useful aspects of your service is that you not only understood what I wanted but also helped me get a clearer picture of the position, the job description and the ideal candidate.  I believe you have come to understand my needs and corporate culture as well as I do.  This leads to another positive contribution.  Even if I do not have an active search, your staff contacts me when you happen on a candidate who seems like someone I would be interested in.  It has also been very helpful to get your perspective on what the market rate is currently for any position.  That kind of thing is always changing and I can rely on you to be up to date while I concentrate on running my business.
I would have no hesitation giving you the highest recommendation to my friends, clients and family (maybe not to my competitors). In particular, I think your customized help is critical for the small and mid sized firm that can't afford to hire the wrong person or keep someone on payroll who fails to make a real contribution!
Please accept my thanks, and keep up your exceptional professionalism."
Maria Poroy, President
Insurance/Benefits Brokerage Firm in San Francisco

"a.e.s. sends me great people. They give me service I can always count on!"
Sandra L., President
Telemarketing Company in San Francisco

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From Candidates

"Upon contacting a.e.s., looking for a job as a recent college graduate, I went to their office and told them what I was looking for;  In turn, placing me with a fantastic company to gain excellent experience, I could not be happier.  I am impressed with the attention and concern they have displayed towards me.  They have taken the time to get to know my personal needs and career objectives.  They have been very supportive and accommodating in every appropriate step.  I will continue to work with a.e.s. in the future because they have my best interest in mind.  They do their best to find candidates jobs that complement career development for long term success."
Erik M., Administrative Assistant

"I went in to a.e.s. and met my recruiter on July 14.  Two days later, she called me with a position which I began on July 21.  The position was supposed to only last a week, but due to my performance, it ended up lasting 90 days.  After the completion of that assignment, the recruiter has continually worked on finding placements for me that fit my hectic schedule (school, political activities, etc.). The type of employment was competitive, challenging, and fit nicely within my skill sets.  a.e.s. has by far been the best agency that I have worked for."
Shelly R., Administrative Clerk

"I have been employed as a contractor consistently since 1996, working at some of the top technical corporations in California such as Intel, Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems. My experience at IBM through a.e.s. has been the ‘best match’ in regards to overall environment, aptitude and competitive pay scale that I have ever had with any agency, thus far. My position perfectly blends my technical expertise, strong customer service background, communication and administrative skills like no other position I have ever had. “I love my job!” It has proven to be a perfect match for both myself, as well as, my employer. a.e.s. has placed me in one of the most diverse, professional, tolerant and intellectual environments that I could ever have hoped to work in. As a result of a.e.s. placing me in this position, my manager has extended my contract for another year. Thanks to a.e.s., I am now employed in the exact position, environment and salary expectation that I have been striving to break into over the past 15 years, since graduating from college. a.e.s. has made my goals attainable and has proven that all it takes is a little good representation to reach my goals. At a.e.s., “I’m not just a number, I feel cared for.” That “human factor” is what sets a.e.s. apart from other agencies."
Diana H., Editorial Writing Assistant

Thank you so much for your company's help in finding me a full-time position.  I am very pleased with my placement.  The job is just perfect for me, and all of my co-workers are quickly becoming like family to me.  I especially want you to know how much I enjoyed being represented by your company.  Everyone in the office is so friendly, and I never had a questions that went unanswered.  I always knew exactly what to expect from every job you sent me out on, and I never had a placement that went beyond my capabilities.  You always matched me perfectly with an employer.  While I'm so very happy to finally have a permanent job, I am going to miss working with a.e.s.  Thank you again.  If I ever know anyone wanting a referral to a good employment agency, I will definitely send them to you.
Diana D., Administrative Assistant

"I joined the a.e.s. family in 1998 and have not looked back! When you have found the best, nothing else will do. Isabella and her staff work with you in all aspects of temping, making sure that you know all there is to know about the assignment before you start. They are never too busy to answer your questions or to provide you with the opportunity to update your skills. Isabella and her staff work hard to place the right person with the right job and many have gone on to great careers because of a.e.s. I have worked with top companies in the administrative field and gained valuable job skills that I can take anywhere because of a.e.s. a.e.s. gives me the opportunity to continue my education and one call to say, “I’m available!” during the summer months guarantees me several months of employment. Thank you a.e.s. for your great service, great assignments and great opportunities! I highly recommend a.e.s. to all my friends and associates looking for temp work or a permanent job."
Souriya J., Executive Administrative Assistant
"I am really happy I found a.e.s. When I sent my resume to several agencies and received little or no response, I promptly received a call from a.e.s. to register with them. I was so impressed with the entire process I went through when I interviewed in their office. I was tested in all the most current versions of commonly used software and then thoroughly interviewed in an atmosphere that seemed relaxed and unhurried. As the Office Manager in a previous position, I was often called upon to hire temporary and regular full-time staff from the numerous agencies in San Francisco. I was happy to see that a.e.s. really does provide it's clients with trained and skilled professionals who have been tested and screened. The experience I had was so completely positive that I recommend a.e.s. to any friends I have who may be looking for work and I will utilize their services when I find myself in the position again where I am called upon to hire administrative staff."
Tamara R., Human Resources Manager
"I have worked with other temp agencies in the past, but a.e.s. is the only one that actually followed through with what I needed. I needed a service that would place me with a company that actually fit my skill set. After a series of tests and a few, very important questions, a.e.s. was able to find me exactly the employment that I wanted including area, benefits, hours and position within the company. I already had a full time job, but I wanted to change career path. a.e.s. allowed that transition to seamlessly happen and helped me start my new life."
Temple T., Senior Administrative Assistant
"Thank you for the immediate job placement that your agency provided me with on the same day that I registered with your agency. I am so glad that I contacted your staffing agency for my long-term career goals. Your staff was very professional and detailed in accessing my needs and determining if my qualifications matched a potential job position. Even with my uncertainty of deciding if I wanted to settle for a job that was offering a higher salary or accepting a position that would not only offer stock options, but would allow for long-term growth for acquiring new skills. a.e.s. was really involved with helping me determine if an exciting job as an Office Manager for a startup company would be a challenging career position. I hope that all candidates that are serious about their career and definitely know what type of job in the Administrative field they would like to obtain, will find that a.e.s. has the ability and staff in helping you achieve your goals."
Tamara W., Office Manager
a.e.s. took just a short period of time to introduce me to a great organization.  Now in my later years I wasn't seeking an ongoing career path but one to help me supplement my life and health insurance plus some extra spending money at the same time help out and do something with my time.
The organization to which a.e.s. associated me with was a quality organization where the work demands and expectations are well within my expertise and experience.
My association with a.e.s. meets all my expectations and I feel more than comfortable if required that they can provide me with an additional or equal employment if necessary.  In this competitive world, it is hard to find an agency that you can trust to deliver the right personnel to help out and blend in to an organization and accept the challenges and demands of their business.  The recruiters at a.e.s. are exceptional.  They have the knowledge and instinct to bring out the best in people in all walks of life.
I will surely recommend a.e.s. to all my friends and relatives.  It is a worthy organization to be associated with.  I thank the crew of a.e.s. for making me a part of their family.
Evelyn O'Brien

When I was working as an intern for a.e.s. I had a first-hand experience of their very client- and candidate-oriented work attitude.  In everything they do they put their whole experience, knowledge and energy.  Thus I witnessed only ideal matches as a result of their work.  If you are looking for a reliable partner and like to work with competent and friendly professionals, I strongly recommend a.e.s.
Claus Ensinger, German Intern

“All the experiences with a.e.s. have been positive ones. This all started at the beginning of 2000 when I decided to do a career change. In order to keep myself employed while looking for a permanent position, I had posted my resume in two online job agencies and applied through four different temporary job placement agencies. The agency that grew to be my favorite was a.e.s. This was due to the fact that they seemed to not only care about filling the position, but truly trying to fit the company needs with that of the job seeker a.e.s. consistently called me about numerous positions, and while some I had to turn down due to various reasons, a.e.s. never took that as a negative and kept me on their call list. Through my experiences with the other firms, they were more driven by their own needs and did not worry too much about the applicant or finding the right match between applicant and employer. Because of a.e.s., I now have a wonderful new job and have completed what I had decided to make my #1 goal for the year 2000, find a new career. I have several more accolades but way too many to write.”
Rodrigo P., Data Collection Lead

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